The Firm

We handle technologically complex cases. Our attorneys have strong technical and legal backgrounds that enable us to effectively and efficiently take on the most complicated patent, trade secret, and antitrust legal challenges.

Our Practice

HPC represents plaintiffs and defendants nationwide in patent and antitrust litigation in a broad range of technologies including microprocessors, computer architecture, memory control systems, cellular telephone systems, data transmission systems, Internet radio, database caching software, online gaming systems, computer controlled lighting, pharmaceuticals, drilling and other downhole systems, stents, and natural gas conversion systems.

Our attorneys have a wide variety of technical backgrounds and our expertise lets us handle all facets of intellectual property litigation. We handle every aspect of the most complicated patent disputes for some of the largest energy and technology firms, as well as individuals and smaller companies going up against the behemoths of industry.

Our People

Our attorneys possess a rare combination of technical knowledge and top-tier legal experience and credentials. Each of our attorneys has one or more degrees in electrical engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering, physics, or chemistry. Many of our attorneys are registered to practice before the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Three of us served as law clerks at the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and three clerked at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. One of our attorneys received the highest score on the Texas Bar Examination. Across the board, our attorneys have proven technical and legal skills that enable us to obtain the best possible results for our clients.

Our Business Model

We prefer to share the risks and rewards with our clients, thereby aligning our interests with our clients’ interests to produce a more synergistic relationship. We devote most of our time to litigation under fee agreements that link our fees to the results we achieve. We have developed fee arrangements with clients that range from partial contingent fees that reduce our hourly rates for a stake in the outcome, to full contingent arrangements where we receive no hourly fees. On the defense side, we are open to using reverse contingent fee arrangements where the amount we save our clients determines our compensation.

We have found that our experience in handling contingent fee cases enables us to more efficiently manage hourly work. We treat every case as a representative model of our abilities and integrity. That is why so many clients and co-counsel contact us when they have a new case. HPC takes pride in its ability to partner with other attorneys and firms to bring the best possible trial team together for the benefit of the client.