Our firm handles complex patent cases. We work with our clients at every stage of the litigation—from pre-filing through trial—to maximize the prospects for victory.

  • HPC successfully represented PalTalk Holdings, Inc. in patent infringement lawsuits against Microsoft, Sony, and Activision-Blizzard that related to online multiplayer video games. View Case

  • HPC successfully protected MicroUnity Systems Engineering, Inc.’s pioneering mediaprocessor technology in patent litigation against Intel, AMD, Sony, and the smartphone and tablet industry. View Case

  • HPC and co-counsel protected wireless communications technology developed by Australia’s national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.  View Case

  • In a patent infringement case relating to field-programmable gate arrays, HPC obtained a jury verdict of willful infringement and $15.4M in damages plus $23M in court-awarded enhanced damages for PACT XPP Technologies, AG. View Case

  • HPC and co-counsel from Susman Godfrey and Ward & Smith won a $23M jury verdict for Fractus, S.A. in a patent infringement case relating to multiband antennas. View Case