HPC is involved in some of the biggest and most exciting patent and antitrust cases in the country. As a result, you will have an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of patent litigation. Instead of building a pyramid structure, the Firm seeks to maximize revenue by hiring only the best and brightest attorneys who are capable of producing outstanding results for clients. We look for people who want to take responsibility and make a difference on our cases.

Law Students

HPC interviews second and third year law students each year at several law schools, including the University of Texas and the University of Houston. We also welcome resumes from top students at law schools where we do not conduct on-campus interviews. We generally hire law students who have a scientific or technical background and are part of the top one third of their law school class. Our summer program is flexible and we welcome our summer associates to join us for either the first or second half of the summer.

Judicial Clerks

HPC is committed to seeking out and hiring federal judicial clerks. Associates who join our firm after completing a federal judicial clerkship receive credit toward salary and partnership eligibility, as well as a signing bonus.

Partnership Policy

Associates at HPC will become partners earlier in their careers than associates at large firms in Houston. The firm does not adhere to a rigid “class” system. That is, attorneys from the same law school class will not necessarily be treated alike in terms of compensation or advancement in the firm. We strive for a merit-based system where each associate is evaluated on his or her own performance.

The most important criterion used in deciding to make an associate a partner is the ability to work independently and effectively on a case. Other important criteria are the associate’s dedication to the firm’s practice as reflected by the associate’s quality of work, amount of time spent working, potential for generating new business and ability to work with and supervise others.

We generally consider associates for partnership after they have been out of law school for six years and with the firm for three years.

Compensation & Benefits

HPC provides compensation and benefits that are competitive with those offered by the large firms in Houston. Benefits include:

  • Moving and relocation expenses, if necessary
  • Bar Review and Bar Exam expense reimbursement
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Long- and short-term disability insurance
  • 401k savings plan
  • Local and state bar dues
  • Professional organization dues
  • Paid parking