MicroUnity Systems Engineering, Inc. v. Apple, Inc. et al

MicroUnity Systems Engineering, Inc. v. Intel, Sony, Advanced Micro Devices, Apple, Inc. et al

Attorneys at HPC have represented MicroUnity in its patent enforcement efforts since 2003. MicroUnity obtained numerous patents covering its pioneering work related to the processing of media data in computer systems.

MicroUnity is a Silicon Valley company that was founded in the late 1980’s by microprocessor experts from MIPS, IBM, HP and NeXT to develop new microprocessor designs that more efficiently processed media data. Although the company never realized its goal of commercially selling its microprocessors, the company’s development efforts extended microprocessors beyond their historical role as calculating and control devices to make them instrumental in the processing of media data in personal computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, set-top boxes, televisions and other digital consumer and communications devices. MicroUnity’s Media Processor patent portfolio covers these design innovations.

HPC attorneys have successfully represented MicroUnity in its patent infringement lawsuits in the Eastern District of Texas against leading microprocessor companies including Intel and AMD; against game console manufacturers such as Sony; and against the bulk of the smartphone industry. HPC has taken a leading role in the enforcement strategy of the MicroUnity portfolio throughout its representation. In addition, HPC attorneys have been heavily involved in the preparation and argument of the key patent issues in the various MicroUnity lawsuits, with tremendous success. All of the MicroUnity lawsuits have settled prior to the start of trial, on terms that have been exceptionally favorable to MicroUnity.